Too Ugly For Love?

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"Too Ugly For Love?" is a #TLC series that follows 10 ordinary people with extraordinary medical conditions during their quest to find love. From alopecia or profuse sweating to missing limbs or skin ulcers, these people have learned to manage their conditions but up to this point failed to find a #romantic partner.

I know that many of the so-called #reality #TV shows are completely staged but this one seemed so genuine and credible that I found myself paying close attention to their life stories, and actually feeling sorry for some of them being unable to find a worthwhile romantic companion.

When we think about it, if the way a person looks was all that mattered in a #relationship, top #models would never be single or divorced! Personality and character are two underrated cornerstones of a relationship and traits that can only be perceived if we give the person a chance to rock our world.

What this show reveals is the importance of being truthful about ourselves and our conditions. Trying to disguise something that we suffer from, or telling lies during the crucial period when we are meeting someone for the first time are major obstacles to the success of a relationship. The singletons that better explained their illnesses and that were truthful from the very beginning about their whole ordeal, were the ones that managed to find a romantic partner in the end.

Truth be told, during their path, they also found several people that failed to look beyond their conditions. Once again, honesty took care of future issues. After all, who wants to be around partners that bluntly refuse "in sickness and in health" type of vows...

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