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A #Snapshot of Halong, Vietnam

05-15.04.17 - pic - A Snapshot of Halong.jpg

You’d be forgiven for imagining that you’re entering a #film set when standing aboard a #Halong Bay #cruise ship (Wooden Junk Boat) looking up in awe at the magnificence of a sight that not even #CGI could replicate. As far as the eye can see, these #limestone formations protruding out from the Bay- 1600 in number, create the backdrop for 3 days of what can only be described as a journey into the unknown; at least it is for those of us who inhabit the #Western #world.

Moored amidst these #ancient #monoliths, you wake to a sense of serenity, and of being at one with the #nature that surrounds you when greeted with the glorious sunrise. At the end of a day of #exploration, (the #Floating #Village; #Sung #Sot #Caves; swimming in the tranquil waters) and back aboard the boat, you breathe in the fresh #sea air, only to have your breath taken away as you behold the setting sun. The Junk Boat rocks steadily as the day’s excursions gradually catch up with you, and you are sent into a deep and peaceful sleep.

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