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March 31st 2015 marks the end of the #futuristic #Sony PS3 virtual #gaming world. PS Home was the first virtual world readily available in everyone's living room. 41 million people (!) from around the world visited it and played with many #virtual friends that would never otherwise meet.

There was some #marketing and real money involved to prevent this #experience from becoming a 'money pit' for Sony. If the user wanted to enjoy a better virtual house he needed to buy it, the same happening with #elegant furniture and fashionable clothes for the avatar. All the games could be played for free, as everyone was entitled to a small daily amount of pocket virtual money. More could be bought or earned from other players and the game itself. Spending money was therefore not mandatory, just available for anyone willing to take that step.

Audi was one of the brands that took best advantage of its virtual place, by celebrating Le Mans winnings, selling virtual #merchandising, and through fun games and special videos connect with their fans. Audi even made there a virtual launch of the A1!

#Stereophonics made the first virtual live concert I have ever seen and known about, interacting with #fans and presenting their excellent songs, a memorable moment indeed! David Guetta arrived in style through a place that presented his #music videos and a game where players could mix some of his famous songs.

#Diesel used its virtual shop to sell a frequently updated catalogue of virtual clothes that mimicked its latest real creations. Star Wars had a special bar where anyone could 'have' a refreshing drink and listen to alien music. Red Bull's Air Race was also a virtual success (just to name a few moments and brands).

All the #brands and users made PS Home a place worth visiting frequently over almost seven years' time. It showed that these types of virtual places can be successful and even missed when they're gone.

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