Discovering London’s Secret Parks and Gardens

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#Shopping nowadays is easier than ever, we can even do it #online without bothering to go personally to the shop, and have our #products #delivered in the same day on our doorstep! And we all have our personal tactics to get the best possible deals, like taking advantage of daily #promotions; separating our shopping spree between specialised #stores; or just picking up the product that apparently has the best price/quality ratio.

One thing the majority of shoppers don’t know (or don't care) about are the #certifications a product has received that effectively makes it a much better choice than others that don't have it. There is one particular certification we should all know and prefer: the #FSC certification.

The #Forest #Stewardship #Council (FSC) an #international not-for-profit organisation established in 1993 that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. Its main tools for achieving this are standard setting, certification and labelling of forest products. It provides a connection between the forest and the end user, ensuring that products with the #FSC label uphold principles and criteria which bring the highest #social and environmental benefits. Currently, it is the only certification that protects water quality; prohibits #deforestation and upholds the rights of local people.

As educated #consumers we should make better choices. By preferring products that respect our #planet and the people that made them, we all send a message that we care. The success of FSC-certified products can only lead to more companies wanting their products certified, and that will have a positively strong impact on our planet and #quality of #life.

We have inherited a wonderful place to live and it's our responsibility that #future #generations receive a better and cleaner #planet than we did. We now have much more information than our parents had; we know what we have to do; and we know which programs we should support. FSC-certified products are always a better choice for everyone.

For a big city, #London has a pleasantly surprising amount of green space to enjoy. Most will be familiar with the #capital’s larger parks, but there are also dozens of smaller parks and gardens hidden across London that are a must for anyone needing a tranquil spot amongst the mayhem.

Postman’s Park

Just north of #St Paul’s Cathedral lies Postman’s Park, named so for its #popularity with the #workers at the nearby Old General Post Office. Opened in 1880, the small parkis filled with trees, benches and, most uniquely of all, the Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice, a #memorial of plaques commemorating ordinary people who died whilst saving others.

Kyoto Garden

Hidden inside #Holland Park, the Kyoto Garden is a slice of #Japan in the middle of a quintessentially #English country garden setting. Opened in 1991, the garden was a gift from Kyotoand is designed to reflect all the key characteristics of traditional Japanese gardens, including stone lanterns and koi fish in its pond.

Kensington Roof Gardens

A garden with a difference, the #Kensington Roof Gardens is tucked out of view atop the former Derry and Toms building on Kensington High Street. Until 2012 it was the largest roof garden in Europe, and its impressive size means that it encompasses not just three themed gardens (#Spanish, Tudor and English woodland) but also a #restaurant and exclusive clubhouse.

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