Celebrities as Role Models

I'm sorry but they just aren't nor should they be.

If we think about it, #celebrities are 'just' #successful people in their line of #business - nothing more, nothing less. They wake up drowsy like all of us; they need their breakfast to function properly; they may use better (borrowed) clothes and have #style assistants but in all they are just like us.

Do you consider that person crossing the street a role #model? Or even that cute one walking a dog? Of course not! You don't know them, so why would you consider them a role model?! But the majority of us, without even meeting or talking to a #celebrity, consider these type of people above average and idealise them, instead of actually knowing how they are and what they do when they are not on camera, which is a mistake, popularised by celebrity shows and #'reality' #TV. #Marketing should have taught us by know that what we see on camera can be very far from reality...

On the other hand, a person that you already trust (commonly a relative), that you socialise almost every day and that you feel would help (or indeed has helped) you when in need, now that is a role model worth being highly regarded!

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