The End of Top Gear

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Last week, #BBC announced what every #TopGear #fan was afraid of... #JeremyClarkson won't have his contract renewed, as the current one ends soon but this is in fact a dismissal. This announcement marks the end of an #epic televised journey that began in 2002 with the re-launch of a #programme that was on the BBC grid since 1977 but needed Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to be successful all over the world in a way few could have predicted; after all, the show is 'just' about three middle-aged men talking about #cars and #joking around in a very #politically incorrect way.

Personally, I cannot condone verbal abuse and physical altercations between co-workers. However, there are many ways to reprimand the oppressor and protect the victim - sitting the people involved side-by-side, and as grown-ups to deal satisfactorily with the matter, so that Clarkson was indeed properly fined or suspended and the victim had the choice to continue to work with him or do other shows inside the Corporation. It would have been a much better solution since Jeremy Clarkson is not known to be violent and has demonstrated his deep regret with the incident, and one that would also have gratified the millions of viewers that enjoy the show.

"We are all plankton in a world run by whales", wrote Clarkson when the Bring Back Clarkson petition gathered more than one million signatures (several days before the BBC's decision went public but already guessing what it would be). The constant leakage of inside information also showed to the wider public the opinion an important part of the BBC must have about Clarkson, and the further media #frenzy about this incident, and actual comparison with infamous criminals that worked for the BBC, can only be described as appalling and shocking.

The day when a “knobs” with good hearts are treated as and compared with criminals is indeed a sad day for what we call civilisation, and can make us think twice about if in fact we live in one. "And on that bombshell... It's time to end. Goodnight!"

(Hope I see the three friends reunited soon!)

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