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A True Story about a Kitten and a Lynx

02-15.03.24 - pic - A True Story about a Kitten and a  Lynx.jpg

When we think about animals and their 'relationships' with each other, we believe that they live in a dangerous, unfair and ruthless world, where only the powerful are able to endure and the weakest don't survive a week. After all, that is what #BBC has been famously demonstrating on #TV with their extraordinary documentaries. However, although this harsh reality is true in many regions of the world, there are also noteworthy exceptions that can make us think about what would happen in our own human-world...

A homeless #kitten in #St. Petersburg, #Russia, was hungry and alone when decided to visit a place with the much needed food and water - the local #Zoo! The trouble is that the delicious food and refreshing water already belonged to a much larger European Lynx! (At this point you might be guessing that I decided to share a gruesome story of death intertwined with the weakest link but thing again...).

The kitten was not only able to eat and drink what she needed but found herself a friend that embraced her with open paws ever since. Albeit both being considered feline, the considerable size difference makes them very unusual #friends that would never meet in the wild. The kitten in distress is nowadays a fully grown cat that looks at the Lynx like her mother, and the two have grown such a #strong bond that the Zoo decided to adopt the cat and allow them to live together forever.

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