Say Goodbye to Recognisable Passwords

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Forging a signature is an illegal act that everyone understands. With #passwords, especially in today's world when they are so ubiquitous, I'm afraid few people give them the importance they should have and are actually unaware of the risks involved when they are easily guessed.

Another common problem is reusing passwords. If one #website gets breached and all their users' passwords stolen, you can safely bet those passwords will be tested on a number of other popular websites. Hackers know how you think (after all they are humans) and take advantage of the best computational power available. They don't try to learn your kids' names (which would be #creepy) nor your favourite model of a car. All they do is guess billions of passwords a second to try a match. If your password is a word or combination of words, albeit as strange as you could think at the time, chances are it will be guessed and as such it is not a good password, and you should change it.

There are password managers that can help you create unique passwords. You just have to create a master password truly strong for login in the program and it will do the rest for you. The trouble is the majority of good ones are rather #expensive. So why don't you take advantage of your best computer (yourself) and create wordless passwords?

For example, you can use a name like #Shakespeare and turn it into a difficult password to guess like 5hAk3s4eA9e, where capital letters, numbers and small letters are used. It is unlikely that this password exists in a hacker's password dictionary (although now that is being #published they will probably use it too...). If you elaborate a number of passwords like this and use unique passwords at least on the websites that you value the most, you will be using true 21st century passwords and be better protected as a result.

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