Language Coaching


We design bespoke language and cultural learning programs to best fit your needs. We discuss in detail what it is that you aim to achieve, what constraints you many have, and from this we determine the most effective way to accomplish your expected results.

Our sessions are strongly interactive and interpersonal. We adapt our coaching from one-to-one’s to various group sizes, language levels and requirements. We champion a cohesive learning environment and offer means to track individual progress.

Because consistency is key, our programs include a mix of tools and platforms: in-person coaching, online meetings or telephone calls to provide flexibility, regular practice and deliver high quality results.

Our language coaches are a mix of high-achieving academics and business professionals, who are all native speakers of their chosen language.


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Brainstorming Session

We conduct workshops for business professionals and tailor the contents to your requests.


For example, in the language of your choice, we offer:


- cross-cultural training

- team building workshops

- company themed workshops

- alternative themed workshops with expert speakers


Our workshops are held at your workplace, online, or at a cultural venue.

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Our programs are also available one-to-one.

We assess your needs, make a recommendation determine the best plan for you, and match you with a coach who fits your profile.

Each program is personalised and can include:

- speech rehearsal

- job interview practice

- translation

You can also opt for a language coach to travel and assist you on your business trip.

We understand that your life may be very fast paced, but that’s no issue for us as we are able to bring our full range of services to you, on the go as well.

"They have a very positive approach and somehow manage to make the poorer student perform at better than expected levels!”

Graham W. CEO, RAP