October 31, 2019

In #business we oftentimes need to collaborate with people both inside and outside of our organization. In particular when #cultures an...

October 30, 2019

A vintage turntable and a dozen vinyl records can offer so much more than a #computer with access to every song in the world!

Those who...

October 29, 2019

Snippets from #Botticelli’s Venus feature on Lady Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ album cover. A modern twist of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ was run at...

October 28, 2019

According to research that highlights the importance of the first years of life, the brain continues to answer to the sound of a #langu...

October 27, 2019

How useful is social media?

Years ago I signed up with #Twitter, though never really learnt to use it or get involved.  This all changed...

October 26, 2019

Learning a new #language is tricky #business. It is a process that takes time and perseverance, and the road to #linguistic success is...

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