Because a language isn't just taught, we offer a variety of events for you to immerse yourself in your chosen culture.


Whether it's at your work place, online, or in an emblematic cultural venue, stay local and we will bring a slice of your chosen culture to you.


We offer a wide range of cultural activities in emblematic venues of your target country, to offer you a taste of their language and culture.

We partner with museums, historical venues, traditional restaurants and wineries to host workshops and private tours. An LFB coach will be your guide so you can practice the language while you experience the culture.


These seminars are offered for companies, private groups and even for our one-to-one clients.

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Museum Employees



We organise seminars abroad for you to immerse yourself deeper in your chosen culture.


Designed for business professionals, you will meet important local economic players and experience key aspects of the culture alongside an LFB coach.


Our programme is designed for you to have the quintessential local experience and also practice the language.

Making Wine



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We can use our international network of business professionals to create an after-work event for you to connect with peers who share a language, a business field or a hobby similar to yours.