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About LFB

Who We Are

LFB is the first language service for business professionals by business professionals.

We are a team of language coaches who are a mix of high-achieving academics and business professionals. Our goal is to provide language and cultural awareness tools to meet your business needs. Our method combines a selection of innovative tools and platforms to enhance your learning experience.

Each coach receives LFB’s specific training and combines this with their own expertise to deliver an exceptional program. We are proud to be part of an international community that operates worldwide in 21 languages, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

We offer online and in-person coaching programs, company workshops and host cultural events. We design each program together based on our analysis of your needs and constraints.

Through our international network, we can also assist in connecting you to market experts for your business projects.


"They have a very positive approach and somehow manage to make the poorer student perform at better than expected levels!

Graham W. CEO, RAP

" I am confident their tuition will greatly benefit anybody ...and I am sure the experience will be both extremely enjoyably and rewarding.”

Yeray G., Marketing Manager, Air France

"This course (...) felt as if it was tailor-made for my needs and really met my objectives by enhancing my spoken language and confidence.”

Ingvild G., Lead Architect, Total

Business Woman


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